Welcome to integrative natural medicine website.

In here you will find out what makes Dr. Park so unique in the field of alternative medicine. In this rapidly emerging field, it is often hard to choose a practitioner who has the knowledge and training as a natural medicine doctor. It is even harder to find a practitioner who understands and practices both Eastern and Western natural medicine.

The phrase Integrative Natural Medicine is exactly what Dr. Park does. No one healing modality can claim dominance, or should claim dominance, in medicine. Every form of medicine has its benefits and limitations. It is only when different healing modalities are appropriately combined and integrated, that one receives the best care.

The Goals of Treatment.

The goal of each treatment is to offer the best of what alternative medicine has to offer, by integrating the ever-evolving healing practices of the East and the West. I recognize that the conventional medical doctors are best at diagnosing disease and offering the currently available conventional treatment options. The Chinese doctors are best at detecting subtle imbalances of energetic states and bringing it back into harmony. The Naturopaths are best at integrating the historical Western traditional healing methods along with the utilization of the latest alternative treatment options. The goal of each treatment program will be to have the client choose based on a well-informed decision, the most appropriate path on the journey to optimal health and well-being.